In the first phase, EGTRO is an agency that has undertaken the mission of introducing the commercial opportunities and possibilities offered by Egypt to the Gaziantep business world and supporting and guiding the companies that want to trade with Egypt at every stage and contributing directly to the trade.

In addition to the entry of Gaziantep companies and products into the Egyptian market, it is aimed to raise these companies and products to the category of “preferred” and “sustainable way of doing business” in the Egyptian market.

The agency operates throughout Egypt, with local partners in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Gulf countries. The agency’s expert staff is available in Arabic, English and French.

Saliha Kübra Kabaali

About Our Founder


Kübra Kabaali Elrefaie has done business with North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Gulf countries, especially Egypt for many years, and in recent years, as a resident of Egypt, she established EGTRO Egypt Gaziantep Trade Agency to provide quality service to her customers by using her 17 years of business experience and network. In addition to her law and business administration education, she has also served as a manager in non-governmental organizations in the fields of environment, sports, education, especially football, as well as her career as a judge, legal consultant and law firm owner. She is mainly focused on Foreign Trade and Sustainable Business Model